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principle of operation
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Advantages of internal

cryptocurrencies Finam Coin (Fcoin)
  • Transaction Commission only 0.0001 $
  • High reliability and security
  • Lack of taxes and fees
  • Technological progress
  • Complete decentralization
  • Getting rid of intermediaries
  • Smart - contracts
  • Deflational nature
  • Bypassing of any sanctions

About Us

How do we earn?

The Venturery Fund “Finam Found” -is engaged in the purchase of new and the development of previously acquired assets, taking an active part in the corporate management of companies together with business owners. The fund adheres to the practice of building professional and ambitious teams of managers, whose experience will allow new markets without large -scale support from leading investors. In special cases, Finam Found uses the practice of delegating their representatives in the board of directors and Directly in the top management of projects. Depending on economic purposes, the fund builds up synergy, which effectively uses the benefit from different assets. Finam Found shows interest in high-quality cryptocurrency projects with a strong fundamental component in Business models and aimed at global expansion. The main criteria for selection of projects are intensive growth, presence in the most significant foreign markets and leading positions in the CIS segment. The fund analyzes the situation in technologically developed parts of the world-Southeast Asia, the USA and Europe, which cover different products and tools for attracting and holding the audience. The fund separately shows interest in products in the field of Mobile & Social, which are able to hold the audience - these are mobile applications with data exchange between users, expanding working and professional contacts with a claim to mass. The fund is interested in projects with a positive cash flow (CF) and who passed the initial stage of formation. Finam Found is ready to invest in startups at the stages:" early growth "," early growth ". “Fast growth”, “late growth”. At the moment, the fund’s portfolio contains projects whose representative offices are in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, China, India, the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

3 200 387.63 fcoin
Invested in total
1 892 447.93 fcoin
Total paid
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Legal aspects

Finam Found

Transparency and reliability
The maximum level of safety of the fund’s resources is ensured by strict compliance with the complex of the following measures: the platform resources allocated for operations in the cryptocurrency market are under the full and direct control of the risk management department;

Fund resources are located on the wallets of exchanges and storage wallets with multiple signature
The Department of Compliance and Security protects the fund resources from any fraud, industrial espionage and other types of electronic or physical threats or attacks.

The main function of the fund is the choice of reliable partners and their promotion. The selection of companies is carried out according to 138 parameters for checking finance and protection indicators, as well as the realism of business prognosis.

The second function is a clear collection of user data about investments and a guaranteed calculation of profits of private investors (independent business partners). For this, a system with a powerful computing processing was developed, the structure of which was adopted from the experience of the world's largest banks.

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Documents of the FundFinam Found
Certificate certificate
Registration certificate
Registration certificate
White paper
We provide people around the world with the possibility of gaining financial freedom and obtaining modern business education.
Reviews of investors
64% of investorsFinam FoundOpen a deposit in an amount that exceeds $ 1570
Our investment proposals
Guaranteed income without mandatory invitations
  • Profit per day 0.8%
  • Minimum deposit: 100 fcoin
  • Maximum deposit: 500 fcoin
  • Deposit life: 6 months
  • Profit charges: daily
  • The possibility of reinvesting
  • The possibility of upgrades of the deposit
  • Return of the deposit at the end of the term
  • Profit per day 1.1%
  • Minimum deposit: 500 fcoin
  • Maximum deposit: 3 000 fcoin
  • Deposit life: 4 months
  • Profit charges: daily
  • The possibility of reinvesting
  • The possibility of upgrades of the deposit
  • Return of the deposit at the end of the term
  • Profit per day 1.44%
  • Minimum deposit: 3 000 fcoin
  • Maximum deposit: 20 000 fcoin
  • Deposit life: 2 months 20 days
  • Profit charges: daily
  • The possibility of reinvesting
  • The possibility of upgrades of the deposit
  • Return of the deposit at the end of the term
  • Profit per day 1.63%
  • Minimum deposit: 10 000 fcoin
  • Maximum deposit: 50 000 fcoin
  • Deposit life: 2 months
  • Profit charges: At the end of the term
  • Automatic reinvesting
  • Early closure of the deposit
  • Return of the deposit at the end of the term
  • Profit per day 1.97%
  • Minimum deposit: 25 000 fcoin
  • Maximum deposit: 100 000 fcoin
  • Deposit life: 1 month
  • Profit charges: At the end of the term
  • Automatic reinvesting
  • Early closure of the deposit
  • Return of the deposit at the end of the term
last news
11 February 2023, 14:12
"Application of the director of Finam Found"

"Appeal of the director of the company Finam Found"

In this video, you will learn a brief story of the formation of our company!
You can switch to Yotube and get acquainted with the appeal!


26 January 2023, 19:19
Webinar on January 29

Dear partners!
On Sunday January 29, 2023 at 18:30 (MSC), the first webinar of our company "Finam Found" will be held, in which we will present in detail the presentation of our platform.
On the webinar we’ll talk about a lot:
- Open PIF;
- Crowdsale;
- acquaintance with the fund;
- investment proposals;
- roadmap;
- Advantages of the affiliate program;
- payment systems.
💰 The main event of the upcoming webinar will be a draw: 5 deposits of $ 50 each, among active participants in the webinar.
ℹ️ Webinar will publish a link to the webinar before the webinar. We will be glad to see every partner!


9 January 2023, 12:22
Office of an office in Warsaw

Dear investors, kals and friends of our company “Finam Found”

The time has come that we have been waiting for our office in Warsaw opened the doors for everyone. We are at the opening ceremony where we will play many prizes of last year's top, discuss investment and we will pleasantly spend time with the team of our specialists and partners before meeting In Warsaw Hub


Our partners
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